Homage Year is a fashion brand known not only for its distinct and vibrant Ova Manifestation bags but also for its vision that resonates with many. It strives to establish a community that is not exclusionary but open and understanding of everyone else and pays it forward.

They came to us when they were still in the very early stages of their growth. They approached us when they struggled to sustain revenue on a month-to-month basis despite an average of $16k FB ad spend per month.


They wanted to start getting at least 3x ROAS with high spending, and a sustained revenue growth. 

Unlike most retailers, Homage Year is a novelty brand wherein stocks are not available throughout the month. Sustaining interest and increasing the hype to ensure successful product drops wherein stocks get sold out within a few hours to a couple of days is the primary goal.





Long gone are the days when revenue was too volatile for Homage Year. 

We have spent $12k-20k monthly on ad spending, and we were able to generate a consistent 6-7x ROAS across FB ads and email campaigns. 

We are still growing this account and can foresee a very bright future ahead. The next goal is to expand to different platforms to scale the account to 50k spend within the next 6 months.


The primary challenge with this brand was driving interest and hype to ensure product drops were sold out. The second challenge was the lack of offers - especially during the retail months wherein consumers are angling for the biggest discounts of the year.

Consumers are typically reactive and prefer products that are in stock and can be shipped out right away. Identifying key audiences, and ensuring brand messaging resonates with the target audience, then retaining interest for the surprise product drops entailed synergy and a very solid marketing funnel.


We only used two platforms to achieve great results with this brand - Facebook and Klaviyo.

We had an entire funnel set-up in Facebook Ads. Top of the funnel, middle of the funnel, and the bottom of the funnel. We created video and image creatives with different angles and hooks. Likewise, we created copies and headlines for testing.

The ads we created emphasized the values of the brand, the strong messaging and story behind the brand, the quality and style of the products, and the passion that drives both brand and product.

It was incredibly important to test a lot of different types and styles of creatives and to start doing tests aggressively and continuously to prevent any creative burnouts. All of the tests were done on a creative testing campaign to ensure that only the best creatives would make it to scaling campaigns.

Unlike many retail campaigns, emphasis on the value of the products and the brand was the primary goal. We needed to ensure there is enough hype and fear of missing out (FOMO) mindset created to drive people to purchase right away - for whenever the drop is made.

Having the full funnel set up in Facebook Ads ensured we were driving ample cold traffic and getting good returns with retargeting campaigns. 

We also wanted to ensure we were nurturing potential customers through our email automation funnels plus weekly email campaigns to keep past and potential customers engaged and interested.


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